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Health and environmental law

Environmental law cannot be fully addressed without considering health law. The application of the precautionary principle takes its full meaning here.

Environmental and health risks

Atmos Avocats has a great deal of expertise in all matters relating to health and the environment.

Asbestos, heavy metals, dioxins, persistent organic pollutants, carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic products are areas perfectly mastered by the firm, which can thus assist its clients in complying with regulations and anticipating future liability risks.

Green chemistry

The principles of precaution and prevention, and respect for nature, shall encourage industrial players to develop green chemistry.

Atmos Avocats can support and help them understand the legal constraints as well as the incentives they could possibly benefit from.

Moreover, green chemistry is now a plant-based chemistry. It therefore raises questions in terms of product manufacturing but also about raw material use.

The firm is then able to assist companies in this new approach, and to identify the company’s potential responsibility regarding to these new products.

Organic farming

Atmos Avocats has been working with organic farmers for a long time to defend the specifications, the right to obtain old varieties, pollution by pesticides and GMOs.

Class actions in environmental law

The introduction of class actions in environmental law opens new prospects for litigation for which Atmos Avocats' lawyers are fully prepared.


In the absence of specific regulations, Atmos Avocats can also assist its clients who use nanoparticles or nanomaterials to manage the liability issues of both producers and users over time.

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