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Energy Law

Atmos Avocats has a cross-disciplinary and integrated energy law practice in the various renewable energy sectors (wind, photovoltaic, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, mechanization) and energy efficiency (emission quotas, energy saving certificates, energy performance contracts).

The firm also monitors legal and regulatory developments in energy and contributes to the development of energy law doctrine.

Renewable energies

Atmos Avocats has multidisciplinary practice combining its expertise in environmental law and urban planning law and recognized competence in support of RE projects at different stages of progress: development, implementation, operation, and dismantling.

The firm's lawyers provide advice and support to managers and operational staff. As such, they draft, offer and negotiate contracts related to their clients' activities in renewable energy and energy performance for operations combining private and public business law.

The firm's consulting and auditing activities guarantee the legal security of operations and projects in a sector where the management of pre-litigation and litigation is essential for the development of renewable energy sectors: photovoltaic, solar energy, and geothermal energy, biomass, etc.

Highly active in the industrial world, they intervene in litigation before the administrative, civil and criminal courts, opposing industrialists to the Administration (administrative and criminal sanctions, indemnity appeals...), to local residents' or environmental protection associations (appeals against authorization orders, actions for damages...), to other industrialists (sale of sites).

Project financing

Because participatory financing of renewable energy projects can facilitate the project's acceptability at the local level, Atmos Avocats assists renewable energy actors wishing to integrate participatory financing into their financing scheme, by carrying out missions such as the evaluation of the financing scheme of the envisaged project and the coordination of traditional financing means (bank loans, bridging loans, subsidies, guarantees and sureties... ) and alternative means of financing adapted to the project and to the regulations; the conduct of contractual negotiations with banks and investors or the drafting of contracts related to bank financing and participatory financing.

Energy performance of buildings 

One of the significant challenges of the 21st century is to guarantee the energy performance of buildings.

Moving from a building that consumes energy to one that produces it requires, beyond political will, standards and regulations.
Atmos Avocats' lawyers have a perfect knowledge of the RT 2012, BBC, and HQE standards... to guide and advise you in elaborating your construction and renovation projects.
Therefore, they can advise their clients in the application of the RE 2020.

Nuclear energy 

The firm has proven expertise in nuclear law.
It assists local authorities, both in advice and litigation, to better control risks.

Dedicated team 
  • Alexandre Moustardier
  • Marie-Pierre Maître
  • Ida Empain
  • Laura Gazzarin
  • Marie-Sixtine du Rusquec
  • Paul Brette
  • Laura Picavez 

Dedicated team

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