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Sustainable development

Sustainable development law integrates environmental law into public policy and business management.

Sustainable development law encompasses a few major themes that can be broken down into several areas of intervention for Atmos Avocats.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): towards improved corporate transparency.

Corporate social responsibility aims to develop better companies' potential to contribute to sustainable development and the strategy's goals for growth and development.

A comprehensive and structured CSR approach ensures optimal control of significant risks to the business while maintaining financial balance.

Atmos Avocats' lawyers support their clients in their CSR approach to provide them with the best information possible on how to incorporate the social and environmental consequences of their activity and their social commitments in favour of sustainable development.

Duty of care

French multinationals with over 5,000 employees whose headquarters are located in France must now implement a due diligence plan to prevent human rights violations and environmental damage related to their activities throughout the supply chain.

This plan includes reasonable vigilance measures to identify risks and prevent severe violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, human health and safety, the environment resulting from the company's activities, and the actions of subcontractors or suppliers with whom it maintains a business relationship.

Atmos Avocats' lawyers are fully conversant with these new concepts and can support their clients in these new procedures.

Assistance in the evolution of public and private actors towards sustainable practices

Atmos Avocats assists local authorities and companies wishing to take sustainable development into account in their activities by helping them to define sustainable development strategies, assisting them in the transformations induced by these issues, and reflecting on and implementing sustainable practices at the local authority or company level, assisting them in setting up transformation processes, evaluating sustainable development policies or acquiring eco-responsible products.

Green finance

The so-called green investments, including green bonds, and monetary bonds issued by any institution wishing to finance an environmentally responsible project, have the dual objective of offering a measured but specific financial return and an ecological virtue.

The Paris Agreement 2015, for example, has been a significant step forward for climate action in the finance sector.

Atmos Avocats' lawyers are fully conversant with these new financial instruments.

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