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Industrial environmental law is the law of pollution and nuisances suffered and created by industries.

Faced with an increasingly technical and complex environmental law and constantly developing litigation, Atmos Avocats usually intervenes upstream to diagnose the problems and legal difficulties related to its clients' projects or activities to analyze the risks and their consequences, to reduce or even eliminate them.

Classified Installations

Atmos Avocats' lawyers are involved from the beginning of industrial projects to assist their clients throughout the procedure: auditing and securing applications for operating licences (impact study), proactive approaches before administrative authorities, and procedural assistance. They ensure the validity of the authorization issued.

Highly active in the industrial world, our lawyers are involved in administrative, civil and criminal litigation between industrialists and the authorities (administrative and criminal sanctions, compensation claims, etc.), residents' or environmental protection associations (appeals against authorization orders, compensation claims, etc.), and other industrialists (sale of sites, etc.).

Major industrial risks

Atmos Avocats' lawyers have extensive experience advising and litigating around high-risk industrial sites: Seveso facilities, IED facilities, extensive waste treatment facilities, chemical facilities, surface treatment, etc.

They are particularly familiar with technological risk prevention plans (TRPP) regulations.

Polluted sites

Atmos Avocats' lawyers intervene during activities following soil pollution. They regularly support their clients in their procedures for the cessation of activities and restoring their site.

They also assist them in the event of sales/acquisitions of industrial sites to preserve their rights by drafting environmental liability guarantee clauses.

Water Law

Atmos Avocats' lawyers defend industrialists, local authorities and associations before all levels of jurisdiction on each aspect of water law: authorizations, sanitation, drinking water, non-domestic waterways, etc.

Waste law

Waste law is constantly changing: technical burial, incineration, nature of the products concerning waste legislation, exit from waste status, EPR channels and all issues related to the circular economy...

Atmos Avocats' lawyers assist their clients in approaching and applying legislation and case law and advise them on effective waste management strategies: reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal.

Management of greenhouse gas emission quotas

Atmos Avocats helps its clients fight air pollution by optimizing the legal management of their emissions through tradable licenses and greenhouse gas emission quotas. They further support them in managing the resulting obligations.

Management of chemical products, hazardous materials

REACH, biocides, CLP, plant protection products, nanomaterials, RoHS.

Atmos Avocats' lawyers help their clients secure the marketing of chemical products and hazardous materials required for their business.

From the registration file to EU authorization, mutual recognition or simplified authorization, their expertise in this area enables them to assist their clients in securing their marketing authorization or substitution projects.

Noise pollution

As it is the most insidious nuisance, noise is everywhere. Atmos Avocats' lawyers are familiar with noise pollution regulations and assist their clients in noise-related litigation: abnormal neighbourhood disturbances, noise standards applicable to industrial activities, etc.

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