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Beyond the traditional activities of advice and litigation of a law firm, Atmos Avocats uses its expertise to support its clients through the elaboration of thematic watches, the realization of audits, and the animation of professional training. Furthermore, the firm's doctrine is disseminated and recognized.


Atmos Avocats' lawyers provide their clients with advice and assistance in implementing legal rules and principles, drafting documents, and negotiating and monitoring contractual relations.

Legal advice 

Through their legal analysis of a situation or the answer to a legal question, Atmos Avocats' lawyers assist their clients in determining the applicable procedures, the necessary authorizations for a project, and the timeframes for implementation.

Ex: Polluted sites: The firm members support their clients in their procedures for the cessation of activities, the restoration of their location and third-party claimant procedures.

To optimize their approach, the lawyers collaborate with other professionals in missions requiring a combination of diversified skills.

They surround themselves with the best technical consulting firms so that their clients benefit from complete expertise, both technical and legal.

In addition, to preserve their rights, they support their clients in sales or acquisitions of industrial sites, especially by drafting environmental liability guarantee clauses.

Ex: Urban planning
Ex: Markets

Corporate strategy 

The firm assists its clients in defining their corporate strategy so that they comply with environmental, health and safety, and product regulations.
Pre-litigation strategy Atmos Avocats advises its clients on the amicable steps to avoid litigation.
Accompanying the company in its relations with the administration They support the companies in their administrative procedures.

E.g., How to deal with a formal notice?

Drafting and securing contracts Atmos Avocats' lawyers outline the essential clauses of sale, purchase or service contracts to provide legal security.
They also draft public contracts to negotiate and operational contracts (construction, operation/maintenance) or financing documents.


Atmos Avocats' lawyers defend the rights and freedoms of the individuals and companies they represent in court.
Litigation strategy Atmos Avocats offers its clients its expertise in litigation to devise the best strategy for action and defence.
Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration and Settlement When possible, they suggest finding an amicable solution to the litigation through alternative dispute resolution methods or negotiation.
They support their clients in amicable negotiations, the drafting and approval of a settlement protocol, mediation or arbitration procedures.
Preventive referrals and judicial expertise They support their clients in judicial expertise procedures they must implement or are called upon to participate in.

Some examples:
  • CIEP Very active in the industrial world, the firm's lawyers are involved in litigation before the administrative, civil and criminal courts, opposing industrialists to the Administration (administrative and criminal sanctions, compensation appeals, etc.), to local residents or environmental protection associations (appeals against authorization decrees, actions for compensation, etc.), and other industrialists (sale of sites, etc.).
  • Environmental criminal law The firm's lawyers assist their clients, CIEP operators or those authorized under water legislation with the difficulties they encounter as to pollution. Their work is systematically accompanied by advice to prevent pollution and eliminate environmental risks and the consequences for involved parties by implementing prevention and crisis management policies.
  • Pre-contractual summary proceedings Atmos Avocats represents its clients before the summary proceedings judge in public procurement procedures, public service delegations or partnership contracts.
  • Contractual and indemnity litigation Atmos Avocats represents clients before the "juge de l'excès de pouvoir" or the "juge du contrat" to obtain the annulment of a contract or an act detachable from the agreement, the termination of a contract, the performance of a contract or compensation on a contractual or extra-contractual basis

General litigation for local authorities 

They work with public decision-makers to assist them in making decisions to guarantee legal certainty, represent elected officials, local authorities, and their partners in the event of abuse of power, and in full litigation before the administrative courts. Their perfect knowledge of public action also leads them to represent municipalities in the context of legal disputes.

Legal watch: a tool to help companies achieve regulatory compliance.

Companies must comply with environmental, energy, and safety laws to avoid liability. However, the law is constantly evolving, and the mass of information is sometimes difficult to process within a company.
Therefore, under the responsibility of Marie-Pierre Maître, Atmos Avocats offers regulatory reference systems and strategic and regulatory legal monitoring designed for its clients.
The proposed legal watch monitors, analyses, and explains legal, regulatory and jurisprudential developments in the environment, energy and safety. It is intended to be easily accessible, requiring clear and synthetic comments.

The assets of Atmos Avocats in terms of monitoring

  • Fifteen years of experience
  • Its commitment to exhaustiveness in terms of published texts
  • Customization of the products to the needs of the companies
  • A monthly oral presentation to ensure an excellent legal understanding of the new texts and the dissemination of the information internally. This oral presentation seeks to ensure that the information is correctly disseminated to the beneficiary company when determining which sites and products are affected and identifying the problems of application raised by the new texts.

Legal support on the Hotline 

The Hotline complements the legal monitoring service. It can be used to clarify the application of a text identified in the monitoring; a recent legal question that does not require in-depth research by a lawyer in environmental law; initial theoretical advice, or documentary research.

Objective achieved 

The legal analysis of the texts is reviewed at each stage of the procedure for drafting the standard, and the comments in the legal watch highlight the changes made.

By being aware of this monitoring, the company can prepare action plans for compliance, particularly regarding its subsidiaries.

It can also anticipate the consequences of regulatory changes at the strategic level, especially in its contractual operations.

Finally, this monitoring enables Atmos Avocats to carry out lobbying actions seeking to improve the standard currently being developed.


Carrying out an audit mission means overseeing the conformity of a transaction or the situation of a company with the rules of law in force. Auditing is one of the services that Atmos Avocats regularly provides to its clients.

Audit of contractual documents The firm secures its clients' contractual relations by validating the clauses of their numerous contracts (acquisition/transfer, lease, suppliers, subcontracting, etc.)

Regulatory compliance audit 

After an exhaustive inventory of the activities, processes, installations and products present on a site; Atmos Avocats identifies the texts applicable to the site and the obligations to be respected within these texts.

Environmental audits ISO, OHSAS and EMAS, require environmental audits. With its long experience in this field, the firm is ideally placed to support its clients in their audits.

Mergers & Acquisitions Audits The firm intervenes daily in the context of mergers and acquisitions operations to secure this type of transaction.

We assist our clients at all stages of the process: during due diligence, report drafting based on the existing and reasonably foreseeable regulatory frameworks, negotiations and the drafting of contractual clauses.

Project financing audits related

Within the framework of his particular missions, the lawyer can organize any training or teaching action.

Training at the firm As an approved training organization under n°11 75 39950 75, Atmos Avocats regularly organizes news breakfasts and training days at its premises, sometimes with partners to encourage discussion.
External training Partner of several training organizations (EFE, DII, Elegia), Atmos Avocats' lawyers regularly participate in training sessions on the environment, health and safety at work, urban planning and energy.

Ex: Elegia - CIEP news (by Marie-Pierre Maître)

In-company training on new regulations Each new regulation is a challenge to the company that must comply. The firm regularly offers its clients in-house training on various topics: CIEP, Waste, WEEE, REACH, HQE, emission quotas, and the responsibility of the company and its managers.

Oral presentation of the watch To disseminate information internally and ensure that it is properly understood, the firm provides its clients subscribing to its watch bulletin, an oral presentation of new texts and case law published previously. This presentation/training allows the watch attendees to be quickly informed and ensure that they understand the legal texts and their implications.

Teaching Some of the firm's lawyers regularly give lessons in schools and universities.
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