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Innovative in its doctrine, Atmos Avocats provides its clients legal and ethical security through its legal practice based on quality values.

Driven by the passion for accompanying its clients in their desire to undertake, Atmos Avocats is a firm carried by the skills of some fifteen lawyers, especially those of its four founders, who have been involved for nearly 20 years in the development of public law and environmental law.

Previously partners of Selarl Huglo Lepage & Associés, Alexandre Moustardier, Marie-Pierre Maître, François Braud and Julien Girard intend to perpetuate the experience and expertise acquired while taking up the new challenges arising in the legal profession.

In this way, Atmos Avocats responds to a spirit of operational proximity.

The first of the firm's values, shared by its lawyers and employees, is the creation of a strong bond with the client, driven by the imperatives of trust, ethics and openness.

This link implies that we are concerned by our clients' environments and are acquainted with the many issues at stake, both legal and in the "field".

Likewise, this link could not exist nor endure without the ongoing requirement and the excellence of the work provided in the accompaniment, the advice and the defence of the private and public persons trusting us.

And this requirement of excellence can only be found in a combination of rigour, technicality, audacity and creativity.
Respecting these values gives Atmos Avocats a particular identity, an identity of a partner to your will to undertake.


With over fifteen years of experience, Atmos Avocats offers a legal watch service in environmental, safety, and energy law to help companies achieve regulatory compliance.

This experience guarantees a complete and efficient watch. Atmos Avocats' clients can subscribe to this service. For more information on this service, please contact the partner in charge of the Research and Legal Watch Department, Marie Pierre Maître.


Intellectual quality and technical competence

The lawyers at Atmos Avocats are recognized in their field of expertise due to the excellence of their training.

While some hold a certificate of specialization ("lawyers specializing in"), and others have a doctorate in law, others also teach their subject matter in prestigious schools, universities, or training organizations.

Respect for the essential principles of the legal profession

The legal profession is liberal and independent.

The essential principles of the profession guide the lawyer's behaviour in all circumstances. They execute their duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity under the terms of their oath. Respectful of professional secrecy, the lawyer is the confidant of his client.

He may not act as counsel, representative, or defender of more than one client in the same case if there is a conflict between his client's interests or unless the parties agree, there is a severe risk of such conflict.

Transparency of fees

The lawyer concludes a written fee agreement with his client, which specifies notably the amount or the method of determination of the fees covering the foreseeable diligence and the possible costs and disbursements.

Atmos Avocats' lawyers also signed the Gesica Charter on fee transparency.

Sustainable development

As a pioneer in this field, Atmos Avocats has implemented internal procedures to reduce its energy impact (waste, transportation, energy) for a long time.

As a partner of Atelier de la Roselière, this adapted company (manufacturing, packaging, subcontracting of office supplies) promotes the professional and social integration of disabled workers who cannot find their place in the ordinary economic circuit.

The workshop employs people recognized as disabled workers and referred by the DHD (Departmental House for the Disabled) whose disability requires special conditions of employment.


The partners and associates regularly publish books and articles used as references in the area. Some of them are members of the committee.
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